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 Special Attention Project (SAP):

...for the Rights of Children with Specific Learning Difficulties!


Our Vision

All children with Specific Learning Difficulties in Ghana are included in mainstream education. 


Our Mission

To take the lead in inclusion of children with Specific Learning Difficulties in mainstream education in Ghana by doing research, awareness creation,  training and advocacy on Specific Learning Difficulties and preparing children who are out of school as a result of learning problems for mainstreaming.    


Brief History

Special Attention Project (SAP) is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organisation working to improve the lives of children with Learning Difficulties.

 SAP was established in 2007 in response to a survey that found that a large number of out-of-school children in the streets of Accra were showing symptoms of learning difficulties. A small educational centre was established at Kaneshie to prepare out-of-school children with learning difficulties for reintegration in mainstream education.

SAP has over the years expanded its mission and scope of work to include intervening services for in-school children with learning difficulties. The aim is to respond to the learning needs of children in school and help prevent them from dropping out of school.

Some significant milestones and developments over the years include:

- 2010 – 2014: Partnership with Disability Rights Fund for advocacy and capacity building on Specific Learning Difficulties in Education and Juvenile Justice Sectors. This included training of 150 Teachers and Resource Teachers of the Ghana Education Service.

- 2011: Survey: Specific Learning Disabilities and Children in Conflict with the Law in Ghana.

- 2013: Inclusion of Specific Learning Difficulties in National Inclusive Education Policy following SAP’s submissions.Child10 Award Winner 2016Child10 Award Winner 2016

- 2015 Winner: iImagine Ghana, Reach for Change and UNICEF, for FonixGH reading method

- 2016 Child10 Award Winner, Sophie Stenbeck Foundation, Sweden

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