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What are Specific Learning Difficulties?


A Specific Learning Difficulty is a difficulty in one area of learning, for example reading or maths.

A child with a Specific Learning Difficulty may have no problems in other areas. For example, a child with a reading difficulty may do well in mathematics.

Specific Learning Difficulties are different in every individual. A person can have more than one Specific Learning Difficulty.

A person with a Specific Learning Difficulty has average or even high intelligence.

Specific Learning Difficulties are different from over-all learning difficulties (Intellectual Disability). Intellectual Disability means a person has low intelligence and less-developed general skills.


There are currently no diagnostic tests for Specific Learning Difficulties that are valid for Ghana.


Specific Learning Difficulties are not caused by poverty, poor vision or hearing, or lack of access to quality educational instruction.

Specific Learning Difficulties are life-long conditions. There is no medicine or therapy for Specific Learning Difficulties. It is usually most serious in childhood, while in later life the problems become less.



A child with learning difficulties needs help to discover the best way to learn for him or her. That is often a long process and requires dedication from parents and teachers.





Children with Specific Learning Difficulties have the right to quality education in their own community, like all other children. These rights are in Ghana protected by:

Education Act 778Education Act 778 Disability Act 715Disability Act 715 Inclusive Education PolicyInclusive Education Policy Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesConvention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


They are valuable members of society, and should not be neglected or 'discarded' for not performing well in school!


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What schools should do to make education inclusive for pupils with learning difficulties:

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