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Individual Learning Help

SAP offers help for Children who struggle with Learning Difficulties by assisting the Child's family and school to better respond to the Child's needs:


1. Information and Counseling for Parents / Caregivers

Parents gain better understanding of their Child's learning problem and acquire skills in helping their Child at home. SAP's experienced staff listens, answers questions and advises. 


2. Capacity Building of Class Teachers

After mapping out the Child's learning problems, the class teacher is assessed and capacity gaps identified. SAP provides basic training to enable the teacher to respond to the Child's needs within the classroom / school setting. 


3. Training of Homework Helpers

Many children with learning difficulties are receiving help with their homework, either from a homework teacher or a relative. SAP trains homework helpers according to the learning needs

of the individual Child. This does not require any previous training in teaching / education. 


4. Special Vacation Classes (Kaneshie only)

SAP organises vacation classes for Children with Learning Difficulties.

Presently this is limited to Kaneshie in Accra. Contact us if you want us to organise this in your own school or community.


5. Self-Help Groups for Parents

Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties organise themselves in groups for mutual support and to advocate together for better learning conditions for their Children. Find out from us whether there is  a Group in your area or initiate your own Group.


Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties can contact us to discuss the services above.

The first step is always a screening to ensure that your Child's needs match with SAP's expertise.


Parents and Teachers are encouraged to visit the information on Specific Learning Difficulties section of our website.



Donate via mobile:

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