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What is Dyslexia?


Dyslexia affects development of reading skills.

If your child has difficulties in reading but

* is intelligent,

* can see and hear well, and

* has been going to school like other children

then he or she may have Dyslexia.


Signs of Dyslexia


Signs of Dyslexia when a child is learning to read:

- difficulty learning the alphabet

- difficulty recognising sounds

- difficulty remembering letters

- confusing letters that look similar

- difficulty rhyming





Signs of Dyslexia when a child is able to read:

- wrong pronunciation:

          - leaving out part of a word

          - adding a part to a word

- replacing one word for another word

- reading slowly and hesitating

- losing place when reading

- writing or reading letters or words from right to left

- difficulty remembering what was read

- difficulty understanding what was read

- difficulty spelling

There are currently no diagnostic Dyslexia tests that are valid for Ghana.


Social and emotional effects

Many children with Dyslexia have low self-esteem and find it hard to go to school and make friends. Children who may have Dyslexia often feel isolated.


Young children often experience emotional problems when they have reading difficulties. When they grow older they may try to ‘hide’ their problem behind bad behaviour, for example disturbing in class or refusing to do homework.


When your Child has reading difficulties...


What you can do to help Pupils with reading difficulties in your classroom:


What schools can do to become inclusive for Pupils with reading difficulties:

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